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    National Cancer Institute | Cancer | Medicine 
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    World Health Organization | Health and Medicine 
    World Health Organization (WHO), agency of the United Nations that organizes and funds health-care programs in nearly every country in the world. WHO was established in 1948. In collaboration with national governments ... World Health Organization, Medical health service organization, Public health organization, Medicine, United nation, WHO
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    (ABC_Svet, - nothing old, only new 
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    Submarine, type of warship designed to operate completely underwater for long periods of time. They are designed to submerge and surface, and to maneuver quietly underwater to avoid detection. Submarines can launch a... ... Nuclear submarine, U s submarine, Rc submarine, World War I, World War, explosive weapons, weapons, World War II, Modern, USS, cruise missiles, design, surface, major powers, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China


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